How many photos will I receive from my wedding day?

Each wedding is it’s own unique event, so I can’t promise a set amount of images. However, on average I usually deliver 60-80 images per hour.

Will you deliver a print release with my wedding photos?

Absolutely! You can print your photos wherever you like, and I also offer archive quality printing and heirloom albums through my online galleries.

How would you describe the way you work?

You’ll probably spend more time with your photographer than anyone else on your wedding day, so enjoying your photographer is incredibly important. Just as in my everyday life, I’m fairly laid back and calm on wedding days. I’m happy to remind you of timeline events, but I don’t push, since it’s always important to remember that your wedding day is about you as a couple and your family and friends – not me. I’m happy to go with the flow, so If you decide that you need a few extra minutes getting ready – great! I taught middle school for 4 years, and there is only one time during the day that I become “Mrs. Mullins,” and that’s during family portraits. It’s always a personal goal to complete family portraits within 20 minutes* since although I think I’m pretty likable, nobody actually came to the wedding to hang out with me. I keep things moving quickly and efficiently so that you and your guests can have as much time as possible for catching up and having fun!

*Keep in mind that each extra family grouping takes about 2-5 minutes to set up and photograph.

Do you have backup equipment, and are you insured?

Yes and yes. I would never photograph a wedding without either of these in place.

How can I book you as our wedding photographer?

Just mail the signed contract along with a check for 1/3 of your total coverage fee as a retainer, and we’re good to go. I can’t wait to work with you!

Do you charge travel fees for weddings within Colorado?

That really depends on the location and date of your wedding. I’m located in Littleton, so if your wedding date falls near a holiday, I’ll need a hotel room for the night before and night of your wedding if it’s further than 60 miles from my house. Colorado traffic during holidays is super unpredictable, and a hotel stay ensures that my nightmare of arriving late to a wedding won’t come true!

There is also a $200 fee if your requested wedding coverage lasts past 9:30pm {not to be combined with the above fee}, so I can book a hotel room for the night of your wedding. The last thing I need to be doing is endangering someone else on the road at midnight because I’m deliriously tired after a full day’s work!