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ciatano winery

a few weekends ago we headed into the mountains with mike and emily just to get away from the city for a day, and we drove to ciatano winery. while everyone was relaxing and enjoying tasting or two, i headed off on my own and snapped a couple pictures.

the society gardener. macon, ga

i adored our little house in macon, and i especially loved how close we were to ingleside village. i really miss driving down ingleside, with its quaint cottage houses and perfectly manicured lawns fit for southern living. if you’re in macon then you

kate & brian. estes park engagement photographer

i had such a fun time with kate and brian during their estes park engagement session! they drove up the day before and picked the the perfect locations with a mix of nature and small town charm. their love is so evident and smiles so infectious – i

and then there were two

the little birdies are growing up so fast! simone and beckett have already flown the coup, but here’s a picture from {three or four} happier days of yore when all four baby birds were together. just look at those little tufts of feathers…ferdinand

nikki & tim. valdosta wedding photographer

nikki and tim had the perfect southern wedding complete with tradition, spanish moss, shrimp & grits and sweet tea! nikki was stunning in her classic lace gown, and the way tim looked at his bride was so endearing. then there was the

monsoon season

so apparently colorado has a monsoon season…really. i’ve actually heard several t.v. meteorologists mention it, and it’s been in full force the past week. it’s almost like living at the beach {minus the surf and sand} since it’s

beaks only a mother could love

i was getting a little worried. bonsai and cici have been nesting in our stairwell for a while now, and a few days ago i saw a single broken egg on the ground, but no chirping. well, today i saw four little beaks that only a mother {and father} could love! my

jackopierce. sonoma event photographer

the same weekend that i took tiphanie & jimmy’s engagement pics, david and i got the opportunity to photograph one of our favorite bands, jackopierce! it turns out that they played a show at the soiled dove, not even a mile from our place, and we

jenn & kyle. denver engagement photographer

a few weeks ago i met up with jenn & kyle for their extended engagement session, but i held off sharing the images until jenn could surprise her mom with them first. so now i’m free to share! we started out our day at city park… jenn is a

erica & jim. acworth engagement photographer

i met erica and jim through my good friends, emily and bobby, and i’m so exited about this wedding! bobby is even officiating the ceremony with his down home {suthun} accent, and i can’t wait for this classy, southern affair! jim works for the

nikki & tim. first look

nikki & tim had an amazingly beautiful wedding day, and I can’t wait to share more images soon!

tiphanie & jimmy. sonoma engagement photographer

david took this one – i’m so lucky to have him! oh my goodness, these guard-dogs were so huge that i just had to include one with them! another amazing shot from david! jimmy found where he’d signed the cellar door back in ’09! we

Bonsai and Cici

the past few weeks we’ve had new visitors to the luxury suite, and frankly, they scare me. bonsai and cici {lovingly named by emily} have made our stairwell their home, and they don’t take kindly to people passing by. really, i think kamikaze

carolyn & pete. colorado springs engagement photographer

pete couldn’t get enough of carolyn’s kisses. too cute! i was introduced to carolyn through her friend and business partner, colleen. {they’re both wedding planners in colorado springs}. carolyn and pete were so comfortable with each

abby & kyle {parker, co wedding photographer}

i’ve been dying to share this post! abby wrote this little snippet when i posted their engagement pics, and i couldn’t help but share it again: Kyle and I are high school sweethearts. Kyle claims he first fell in love with me freshman year when we

amazing light.

i took these just the other evening and had to share. i love the contrast of colors in this one! the one below might be one of my favorites so far…

abby & kyle’s first look. parker, co wedding photographer

abby is gorgeous! can you believe her amazing eyes?! abby & kyle are married! these are just a few of my favorites from yesterday, and i can’t wait to share more soon!

real smiles

i was so glad when justin told me that he and his girlfriend {jessica} could meet us for a quick lunch during my visit. they’re too cute! after lunch justin and i headed home to mom and dad’s. mom has quite the green thumb, and most of her

doodles and nanza

i love these two, and i love playing with my polaroid land camera. notice how riley {doodles} is hiding under the table? well, that’s his home about 25% of the day… another 25% of the time he’s under the kitchen table, and the other 50%

the hogans. macon, ga family photographer

greg and jackie are friends from home, and their two boys are too cute for words. we did this mini-session during my quick visit last month, but it left me wanting more time with them! so, hopefully you’ll be seeing more pics of the hogan family on

kate. marietta, ga newborn photographer

last month one of my closest friends, emily, flew me home for the first time since we moved to colorado. she and her husband, bobby, just had their second baby, and she’s perfect! and my goodness kate’s big sister, margot, is so adorable,

clouded sky

the clouds were amazing tonight, and david and i couldn’t resist going into “our backyard” to take some pictures. we noticed the strangest thing… the clouds were moving in two different directions. the ones from the east were moving

film fun. macon, ga

lately i’ve been photographing most {all} of my personal work on film. a spot on exposure leads to little/no editing once i get it back from richard photo lab, and for more than any other reason – i love the look! the only thing i struggle

the manor house. littleton, colorado

about a week ago i visited the manor house in littleton, colorado for the first time, scouting it for a wedding reception i’ll be shooting in august. wow. what an amazing location for a wedding and reception! the views from the manor are amazing,